Association FOSTER is a new organization formed by experienced professionals that have been working for some time on European projects. FOSTER is working closely with Goce Delcev University – Stip, N. Macedonia and the Center for Quality Assurance and Center for transfer of technologies at the same university.

FOSTER goals are conducting and participating in projects, organizing scientific and professional gatherings, training its members and interested young people, cooperating with other organizations and membership in other domestic and international associations and associations. Its activities are mainly focused on research, training and mentoring young people for the purpose of making them competitive and compassionated on local and European level.

The mission of the association is to contribute to the education of Youth by creating an innovative, entrepreneurial and socially respectful environment in which they can freely create “new world” and help in the development of education, research and application of new innovative approaches for better EU.

Strategic goals of the Association are:
• To activate its members and all citizens, and especially the young people for creative thinking and
acting, undertaking new approaches in different fields.
• Take care of the ongoing education of its members and young people in order to create a strong
and competent youth willing to face all possible challenges in the modern world.
• To establish and develop entrepreneurial spirit among successful students and academic citizens
from all professions.
• Encourage research on areas related to youth, education, and others.
• To initiate and run scientific or applicative projects in areas related to the mission of the association;
• Assist in the promotion of educational processes at all levels of education.
• Encourage cooperation with associations that have similar goals and objectives from other countries;
• Encourage exchange of experiences, knowledge, competitions, socializing;
• To organize scientific and expert meetings;

Target groups of FOSTER:
• University Students and staff
• Students from secondary and primary schools
• Government and public institutions for education, science and economic development
• Business support organizations
• Association