AGILE4CIRC – Agile Leadership Transformation for Business in Circular Economy project comes as an answer to the complicated situation of the low-skilled or low qualified adults around Europe. They are facing labour market that has gone under significant changes and discrepancy between the educational offers and market demands, with low levels of qualification and limited ability to create new jobs. AGILE4CIRC is addressing those issues with focus on Circular Economy.
The RESULTS to be achieved are:
1. Innovative methodological framework for development of business ideas using Agile.
2. Research on Circular Economy and Social Responsibility in Luxembourg, Greece, The Republic of North Macedonia, The Netherlands and Spain, dedicated to adults and new business opportunities in circular economy.
3. Training course and toolkit applied to Circular Economy and Social Responsibility.
4. Incubating Service Management System for business agility in the Circular Economy and incubate 12 business ideas.
5. MOOC platform with all the training Materials, necessary reports and funding support material.